Balancing the Crown Chakra


The crown chakra is responsible for your connection to something beyond this human existence. It is where faith and trust reside. It is where we let go to the flow of life, “knowing” that we are exactly where we need to be. The knowing that everything is connected to a bigger picture we may not always see or understand but we know is there. This is a powerful and very expansive chakra. This chakra can pull you out of this human experience and connect you to the universal energy. This is where we connect to our truth, higher self, God, divine energy and pure love. If you find yourself struggling with trusting in your journey, or you feel lost and lonely in this human experience this chakra is a great one to work with. There are many ways to work with this area, but the most obvious and most beneficial one is meditation. When working with this chakra it is best to meditate in nature where you can connect to everything around you and become one with the earth’s energy. Guided meditation, breath work, a yoga nidra, mindful movement, walking meditation or a crystal meditation are a few great options. Using mala or meditation bead can be the perfect tool when working with mantra and meditation as one. Say the mantra as you hold the bead between your fingers. When you are done with the mantra move to the next bead and repeat the mantra. Move through each bead and use it as a guide to keep you grounded yet open in the crown chakra.

To stimulate this charka start by getting in to a table top position on all fours and gently placing the top of your head on the yoga mat and begin massaging the top of your head (make sure to be mindful to keep your neck safe) by rocking side to side and front and back. Alternatively using essential oils and preforming a head massage will also help to open, release and soften this chakra. I enjoy using essential oils that connect us back to our ancestral roots. Essential oils such as sandalwood, holy basil, sweet grass, frankincense, and myrrh are a few that are excellent for making those rooted connections when opening up to the spirit realms.

This chakra works with non-attachment. So using elements through nature to reconnect is an essential part of opening up the crown. Work closely with the sun, moon, wind, earth, waters and forests. It is really important that as you work with the crown you make sure to take time after to ground yourself through your feet. To be balanced, is to be both connected to the earth and to the heavens. Taking a barefooted walk after meditation, massaging your feet or eating grounding foods can all help when reconnecting the root chakra.

The crown is ever expanding, the possibilities are endless. Finding the perfect balancing where you can let go, leaning into the unknown. And hold on to the knowing that you are being held and guided by something much bigger then yourself is the most comforting, freeing yet terrifying experience.


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