Balancing the Heart Chakra


The heart chakra is all about giving and receiving love. It’s about opening up to forgiveness and freeing yourself from guilt and shame. This chakra focuses on kindness, acceptance and compassion for yourself and those around you. The heart chakra is incredibly expansive. The energy it carries pushes through to the ends of the universe. If you are struggling with finding forgiveness for yourself or someone who has hurt you or if you are finding it challenging to find compassion for others, this chakra is the one to focus on. Sit or lay in savasana for meditation and start by placing your left hand on heart centre and right hand on top. Repeat this mantra to yourself and imagine your whole heart centre filling with green light and expanding across your chest and down your arms into the palms of your hands and out to the corners of the universe. Send this light to anyone in need or to anywhere in the world that is experiencing suffering. This energy is so powerful and can surpass time and space. This is pure loving energy, that can be sent to all areas of your life here and beyond.

The vibration of love is the highest vibration you can work with, so it only makes sense to incorporate high vibrational foods. Fresh green fruits and veggies in it’s raw form such as lettuce, kale, spinach, kiwi or green apples are great for aiding this chakra.

Energy massage and breast massage is an excellent way to support healing of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is a large area to cover, so making sure to give yourself plenty of time when doing an energy massage. Using essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Rose, and Jasmine are just a few that can be applied with a carrier oil when preforming a breast or chest massage . These oils are healing for the emotional and physical aspects associated with the heart.

Crystals are a great addition to supporting the heart chakra. Crystals like Malachite, Rose Quartz and  Rhodonite are a few that can be placed in crystal grid, worn as jewelry or placed on the heart centre after a chest massage.

There are many wonderful yoga postures for opening the heart chakra. Supported Fish pose, Cat/Cow pose and Sphinx Pose are just a few that can help when working the heart centre. These poses can help to release tight muscles in the shoulders and back of the chest, letting go of tension and stress held in those areas.

There are so many layers within the heart centre. It is where we dump a lot of of our traumas, pain, suffering, fears, guilt and shame. Working with this chakra can take time to balance. Giving yourself grace and patience as you move through the layers. Makes sure to honour the feeling that arise and see the progress that you have made even if they are just baby steps in the right direction. Big chances come from little steps.



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