Balancing the Sacral Chakra


The sacral chakra is all about connecting back to our sensuality and sexuality. It’s about living life with creative passion and deep desire. When we are balanced in this chakra, we feel a healthy sense of confidence in who we are. We are deeply connected to our emotions and find a way to honour ourselves and that beautiful creative flow of energy. We can find ourselves out of balance when we feel we have lost our passion for life and adventure. If you find you are struggling connecting to what fuels that “fire” in your belly this chakra is a great one to focus on. Lying down on your back or sitting in a seated meditation posture start by rubbing your hands together to create heat and place your hands on your lower belly. Repeating this mantra in your mind. Imagine with every mindful breath you breathe in fire and every exhale the flames grow larger. Inhaling expand your belly out and exhaling release the belly back down. Imagine your hands are sending healing energy in the colour of orange to this chakra. Stay in meditation as long as is needed.

There are many crystals, that are great to use when supporting the sacral chakra. Stones such as carnelian, sunstone, aragonite star cluster to name a few. You can place on your lower belly after a belly massage or during meditation. Belly massages are so incredible important when working on healing trauma held in the sacral chakra and womb centre. Traumas such as eating disorders, sexual abuse, pregnancy loss and birth trauma can be held in these area. Using essential oils such as clary sage, rosewood and patchouli can help to release traumas and balance out this chakra. Preforming belly massage by rubbing oil on the belly, while saying loving words. Focusing on sending love and compassion to our ever changing bodies.

It is important when working with this chakra to honour our personal expression and emotions. Activities like dancing can help to connect you back to your sensuality and sexuality by feeling good in your body. Also working with yoga postures to support this chakra such as lying belly down on bolster, baddha konasana, or supta kapotasana to name a few.

Eating healing orange foods such as carrots, yams, oranges or aprociots can stimulate and balance this energy centre. Make sure to bring in some warming and spicy foods to create some fire and passion such as warming chai tea, or spicy dahl.

Above all, make sure to have love and compassion for this area, and this sacral chakra. This can be for many people a very sensitive and vulnerable area where stress and trauma is held.


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