Balancing the Third Eye Chakra


The third eye chakra is responsible for guiding you to see and manifest your true vision. It’s focus is to bring you back to trusting your higher self, your intuition, and inner guide. This “knowing” that is free of logical explanation plays an important role in guiding you to making decisions that will be support your journey. If you feel like you are struggling seeing your truth, or trusting that inner guide then this charka could use some extra love and attention. Come into a wide‐legged child’s pose. Toes connected, knees wide, sit bones to the heels. Bringing your chest to the mat, allow the space between your eyebrows (third eye) to rest on stacked fists or a block. Putting gentle pressure on that area you can say this mantra in your mind, focusing on bringing the energy from the words into that space between your eyes. Relax here for as long as you need.

There a few ways we can work more deeply into this chakra. A gentle massage  into the area in between your eyes into the middle of the forehead is a great place to start. Using essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, holy basil, frankincense, or rosemary can soothe and support this chakra. After massaging the forehead you can place crystals such as soladite or use a herbal eye pillow, while allowing yourself to drop into a meditation, can help to clear away any obstacles blocking this chakra.

Working with purple foods can help to stimulate the third eye chakra. Foods such as purple cabbage, figs, grapes, prunes, eggplant. Incorporating these foods into your diet in a raw state can be beneficial.

Yoga poses are limited due to the location of this chakra. However, connecting with your gaze upward in poses such as tadasana can be one way to stimulate this area. By placing pressure with the thumbs in eagle pose or in child’s pose you can begin to clear out any fuzziness that is clouding you from connecting and seeing your true vision.

This chakra is all about reconnecting back to what you have always known. It is undoing the social constraints that kept us questioning ourselves, putting logic before what you “know” or “feel.” Learning how to trust yourself and this inner guide takes patience and time. It becomes a life long practice of seeing, trusting and learning to let go.


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