Balancing Throat Chakra


Balancing the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is all about finding your inner voice and expressing it authentically. It’s about connecting with your creative expression and channeling it through whatever medium speaks to you. It’s honouring your feelings and emotions and not being afraid to ask for what you need or want. If you feel like you are struggling with feeling heard and understood, or with expressing yourself in a way that feels best for you, this is a great chakra to work with. Finding a comfortable seat in meditation, take a moment to rub your hands together to create some heat and then gently place your hands on your throat charka and repeat this mantra out loud. Connect to the vibrations that are released through your throat centre. Connect to the sounds each word makes. Repeat this as often as you’d like. When you are done release your hands to heart centre and bow head to heart, honour your inner voice and all the beauty that comes from freedom of expression.

This is one of my favourite chakras to work with. One of the best things to help stimulate and open this chakra is working with sound. Taking time to sing songs or mantras, howl in the forest, release a big scream in the car, or simply OM. Making sounds can help to release blockages, find your inner voice. Alternatively, you can play singing bowls if you are not quite ready yet to share your own voice.

If you still struggle with expressing through sound, look at working with art, painting or journaling. There are many unique ways we can find our expression without words. Explore all mediums until you find which one speaks to you.

Teas and soups can be super helpful to the throat chakra as it soothes and softens the throat centre. Herbal teas that include peppermint, or lemon and honey can be beneficial. Broth soups such as miso can be an excellent addition to your meals when working with this area.

Using some gentle energetic massage for the throat with healing essential oils such as sage, lemon or peppermint oil to work with moving with this energy. Make sure to massage the front of the throat and the back of the neck. Using gentle yoga movements into stretching out the side of the neck, the front of the throat and back of the neck just before the energetic massage can loosing up an constrictions found in the area.

Finding your true voice can be challenging and take time. Releasing any limiting beliefs or traumas that keep us from speaking up and stepping into our authentic self. When we can create space, we can move more freely into expressing who we are. Then owning our truth becomes empowering and liberating.


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