Camping review: Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan


I was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada. I have lived in a few provinces and explored many different natural areas. Every place I visit is unique and different in scenery and even energetic feel, each leaving it’s own special print on my soul. I wanted to share some of my favorite places I love to travel to, showing all the beauty that exists here in Canada!

Saskatchewan is know to be flat and void of, well pretty much most things…But last summer I got to experience such a gorgeous and unique side of Saskatchewan proving that even the prairies have lots to offer.




This is cypress hills. These hills move from Saskatchewan to Alberta, creating a unique inter-provincial park that crosses over two provinces. Both sides of the provincial park have different things to offer year, last year we camped on the Saskatchewan side. This was such a nostalgic place to visit reminding me of the cabins my grandparents owned at Whiteshell lake, Manitoba. The camp grounds where spacious and treed in creating a very cozy feel. There are many hiking trails, and a quaint lake with a beach.

Being a mom of three kids we really enjoyed that they also had a swimming pool, mini golf, a nature museum, restaurant, ice cream and a little store front. Our family loves the outdoors so we spent most of our time exploring the back roads and trails finding some of the most breathtaking views of sunsets and Cypress hills. I think its safe to say that the most amazing part of our trip was experience the observatory. The night skies in Saskatchewan are spectacular. They were telescopes set up so we could view all the amazing constellations in the sky, while being guided by very knowledgeable staff.

IMG_1626 (1).jpg

Over all this place was one of the best trips our family has taken. Extra activities were budget friendly, many times free and kept our children very entertained. If camping is not your thing there is many different options like a hotel, cabin rentals and summer camps. This place has such a beautiful, serene energy that carries with it so much history, big skies and open spaces. Top on our family favorites list.

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