Vinyasa Flow: This type of yoga focuses on grace through movement, flowing from one posture to another. This a faster pace class that helps to build flexibility, soften tight muscles, as you build up heat in the body. This class is fun, creative and artistic, leaving room for individual expression of each postures. All classes have modifications for all Levels. Caution: This class can be hard on those with joint issues or blood pressure issues as it is a faster pace class.

Hatha Foundations: This class is much slower then a vinyasa flow class. We focus on slowing down building strength, stamina and endurance. We take time to explore alignment and understanding of the posture as we holds each pose longer. This class is great for those who want to understand how to safely get in and out of postures and find modifications to suit their specific body type. All classes have modifications for all Levels. Caution: This class can be challenging as we hold the poses for a longer duration. If you struggle with muscle tension or chronic pain this can be a bit more challenging.

Restorative Yoga: This class is great for deep relaxation or those who have limited mobility. Because you are completely supported in the posture gravity does all the work for you. This class is a much slower pace holding poses for up to 5 minutes. These classes will have a strong presences of guided meditation as we let go and release any stresses or discomfort. All classes have modifications for all Levels.

Therapeutic Yoga: This is most often offered as a private class but can be done with small groups. In this type of yoga class we remain connected to the earth, doing very little standing postures. We move slowly and mindfully from one pose to another using props to support the opening of the body as we do in restorative yoga. I add in reiki throughout the class to help move any energetic blockages, while relaxing the nervous system. Breath work and meditation become helpful tools alongside with light touch massage and aromatherapy. All classes have modifications for all levels.



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