Earth Day: How to find sustainability in a disposable society


Today we celebrate this earth, this beautiful place we call home. We spend time reflecting on how we can improve our every day actions to insure this earth thrives in all it’s beauty. Sometimes this can feel daunting and overwhelming. How can we find sustainable ways live in a disposable society?


1) Spend time every day in nature. Whether it is going for a walk or playing on the beach, hugging a tree or soaking up the sun. The more we connect to this earth on a deep and meaningful level the more we find understanding and compassion for how our every day actions impact this earth. Connection is powerful and is needed to set an intention to move to a place of love, respect and appreciation for all this earth selflessly provides us with each and everyday.

2) Be mindful and intentional in your actions. Everything you do first think about how it impacts the world around you. Everything you purchase, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” Reuse, recycle, share, shop local, thrift, grow your own food, you name it there is a millions of of ways you can help to support a more sustainable earth. Vote with your dollar by supporting the companies that are changing this world for the better.

3) Find compassion for yourself in this journey. This deeper awareness takes practice and intentional living in a world that is not set up to support that. So do your best each and every day. Know that EVERY little thing you do helps. You don’t have to be “perfect” but instead always move towards conscious awareness of everything you consume.


Remember we only have one place here to live. Find ways to flow with nature. Support Mother Earth as she has supported you. Find gratitude and appreciation for this amazing place we call home and always strive to leave this place better then we arrive for future generations.


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