30 day Yoga challenge!

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January 7, 2020 : PM - February 6, 2020 : PM

30 day yoga challenge guidelines

1. Make time for yourself by getting on your mat everyday! It can be for 5 mins, an hour, whatever works best for your schedule! You can take a public class, watch a yoga video online, move with your own intuitive practice or spend the time in meditation and relaxation. The point is to make time for just you! 

2. Get to know yourself and your body. Do this by spending 1-2mins before your practice asking yourself these few questions: How do I feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Write it down in a journal the answers and build a practice around what your body is telling you it needs. 

3. Never force it. If it painful, uncomfortable listen to your bodies natural intelligence and take a step back. Follow your own internal rhythms. If you have energy, do a long practice with challenging postures. If you are feeling low, take it slow and nuture your body. Always listen to what your body is telling you. 

4. Have fun! There is way too much competition, aggression and pressures in the world, the last thing we need is more of that! Enjoy the journey! Play music you love, do movements that feel good to you! Laugh, dance, cry, scream, explore, challenge, express yourself in all the ways that feel wonderful and uplifting! 

5. Find balance in your practice by having slower and gentle movements with playful and challenging poses. We want you to feel challenged but yet also empowered! 

6. Never compare yourself to anyone! Your practice is yours! It’s unique to you and your body structure. What is easy for one person may not be for someone else and that’s ok! Love yourself where you are at in your own practice and set goals that are attainable to you. 

7. Be proud of all the successes whether they are small or big! Gratitude is so important! Thank your body everyday for all it does to keep you alive. 

8. Keep an eye on Earth Connections Facebook page! I will posting everyday! Anything for daily challenges to tips, tricks, inspiration, mini practices, videos all sorts of good stuff! I’m super excited to share this journey and love for yoga with you all! 

Have a wonderful day!!!

Lots of love, always

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