Loving the journey


Focusing on your own path is essential in finding your eternal bliss. Comparing lives with anyone else’s is like comparing apples to bananas. We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience uniquely our own. Our path is meant for us alone. The life we lead is a set of lessons we ourselves have to grow from. The challenges we face are the ones that are tailored to grow strength in ourselves different from any one else. To find your own true path look inward to what makes fills your soul. The answer you find will set you on a path to finding your vision of inner peace and bliss. When you find that place within yourself, you are living your dream. That is when the only path that matters is the one you are on.

I used to compare myself to others. I would watch how other mothers would take care of their children and then rate my worthiness on whether or not I achieved the same level of patience or calm with my child. What I learned is that my self worth is not dependent on how someone else functions day to day. I am my own person, unique from anyone else. My strengths and weakness are very different from those around me. I remember asking my husband, when I was lost in the chaos of being a young mom of three little children, “Why does it seem like everyone else is moving forward and I’m stuck? I feel trapped and lost inside myself.” The problem was that I was so worried about what everyone else was doing that I wasn’t working on finding MY true authentic path. I lost myself in the labels of “mama” and “wife.” Who I was underneath was hidden. I never knew what I wanted my path to look like or who I was, or what filled my soul. But I knew that motherhood wasn’t enough for me. I needed more. When I accepted that it was okay to feel this way, I allowed myself to start my journey inward.

This journey of ours is ever evolving. Everyday is a chance for us to learn new and exciting things about ourselves that helps set us on our true path. Learning to trust in the journey. Learning to heal old wounds and fears that can hold us back. Focusing our energy on finding that happiness within. When looking back, you realize all the pain that you have gone through has made you who you are are today. The challenges you have faced have made you stronger. The sadness you have experienced makes you more empathic and understanding to others.

All of my experiences grew me into the person I have become. I love where I came from. I love my scars that tell the story of who I am. I am loving this journey, uniquely mine. Dare to allow yourself the freedom and permission to find your journey, uniquely yours.


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