Natural tools to help in managing anxiety.


Living with anxiety can be exhausting. Always running on empty yet vibrating all day and often into the late evening. There are many reasons why someone can struggle with anxiety, from trauma and fears, to having a natural disposition towards a sensitive soul easily triggered by an over abundance of stimulus found in today’s society. I, myself have struggled with anxiety most of my life. Naturally a more sensitive soul I find the world to be overwhelming at times. Throughout the years I have found a few priceless tools that have helped me manage these symptoms on a day to day basis.


1. Cutting out all stimulating substances such as coffee, or energy drinks can help reduce symptoms. No sense in putting fuel on a fire that is already burning hot.

2. Finding foods that trigger your anxiety. Many of us that struggles with anxiety also struggle with stomach issues. So finding foods that are nutritious and help to soothe the stomach when you are experiencing times of high anxiety can be very beneficial. As well as recognizing foods that may cause your body to react in a very sensitive and negative way such as food high in sugar.

3. Getting enough sleep is so important for everyone but can be a challenge when struggling with anxiety. Insomnia can often accompany anxiety. So shutting off electronics and staying away from the overload of information and pressures on social media 1-2 hours before going to bed can help to calm your mind. Building a calming and relaxing night routine that is simple and easily achievable can help set the stage for deep night sleep.

4. Learn how to practice soothing breathing exercises such as a pranayama called Nadi Shodhan. This is an altering nostril breathing exercise that helps to balance the right and left brain, the ying and yang. It brings focus and calming energy to the body.

5. Find physical exercises that support you when experiencing times of high stress. Sometimes gentle yoga can be beneficial while other times doing something more active that can help to move the anxious energy out of your body such as biking, running or dancing. Find what best serves you by exploring many different activities till you find what you truly love.

6. Music is very healing. When struggling, soothing music or binaural beats might suit you well. For some of us listening to something with a deep bass and heavy beat like drumming can help to ground you when feeling like you are floating in the skies.

7. Making friends with these parts for yourself can seem like an odd suggestion but hear me out. The more we fight against it, or try to force it the worse it can get. So validating your experience allowing yourself to feel and cry and process is healing in it’s self. Allowing space to sit with your emotions and observe them is sometimes all we can do.

8. Remove yourself from triggering situations and relationships. This can be a hard one because sometimes we can not avoid certain people, places or situations. So recognizing that these things can be a trigger is the first part and then find a way to cope by putting up boundaries and guidelines. Being ok with leaving an event early, or saying “no” when you don’t feel your best. It’s important to keep yourself in a healthy mindset by following through with these decisions wholeheartedly and with no shame.

9. Find self care practices that serve you. So this can be having a bath, or going for a walk in nature, doing artwork, getting energy work done like reiki whatever works best for you. Make sure you give yourself time to enjoy the silence and do something that is fulfilling and calming.

10. Reach out for support. Find people that understand your personal needs and can be strength to lean on. This can be through medical professionals such as psychologists, natural doctors, friends or family to name a few. Having a support network is important for EVERYONE!

11. Always remember no state of being lasts forever. As the sun rises to end the long evening, so are the cycles in life.

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