Heart Chakra Balancing Herbal Bath Salts

These are hand crafted, reiki-infused bath salts helps sooth heavy emotions, bringing the heart back into balance that are made with herbs and various types of healing salts.  Alternatively you can use these salts in a foot bath to ground you as you draw out any negative energy through the soles of the feet. Note: bath water may change colour because of the herbs in bath salts. Fill reusable Muslin bag provided with a few tablespoons of salt/herb mixture and put in a warm bath and enjoy! Warning: Discontinue use if you experience an allergic reaction. Avoid if pregnant.

These bath salts are meant to bring relaxation and balance in to the heart chakra. If you are feeling under stressed, sad or are experiencing grief this can be very healing and soothing to both the body and soul.

Ingredients: Epson Salt, Pink Himalayan Sat, Rose petals, Lavender flowers and Calendar Flower


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60g, 150g, 250g


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