Herbal bundle for Joy and Happiness


These herbal bundles are handcrafted, homegrown and consciously harvested. They are lovingly wrapped and infused with reiki healing energy. Each herbal bundle has specific purpose and focus so be sure to read up on each one to find the one that resonates with you and your unique purposes. They can be used in ritual or to cleanse yourself and your space. Can also be used to clear space before meditation to help aid in spiritual connection, or calm the nervous system after a highly stressful day. It’s a must have for all empaths. Burning with windows open to allows for proper ventilation and for any negative energies to be released for the space. If you do not enjoy burning sage/ or incense look into the alternative which is the essential oil sprays for the same healing benefits. Warning: Never leave unattended. Burn in a well ventilated space. Keep out of reach from children.


This herbal bundle contains herbs such as Lavender, pineapple sage, lemon balm, and calendula to bring in the feel of summer joy and happiness. This is great to burn to lighten the mood, soothing out any frustrations, or upset. Also Can be hung above the door to allow good, positive, happy vibes to enter your home or sacred space.

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