Meditation and Prayer Beads


Have you ever struggled to meditate? Meditation and prayer beads are a great tool to help bring focus and intention into your meditation practice. You can use the beads by placing them in you dominate hand when you are willing to give healing energy out and non-dominate hand when you are need to receive healing energy. I believe energy is in constant exchange and you can use your meditations to also send healing energy out into the world, family or friends around you.

There a few ways to use them. First you can use them as prayer beads where you run your finger over each bead reciting a mantra, prayer or positive affirmation moving from one bead to the next. The other way you can use them is by placing an intention using a word or emotion. Anytime you start to drift away from your meditation and get distracted, you bring your focus back to your beads and intention. Charge them on you alter, in full moon and cleansing them regularly with sacred smoke from healing sage/herbal bundles or essential oil cleansing spray.

Each meditation beads are completely unique with a blend of different types of beads as well as crystals and healing gifts from nature that have been consciously harvested such as feathers and shells

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