Sacred Calm Loose Incense with charcoal


This incense is hand mixed, reiki-infused loose incense is made for ritual to help sooth the nervous system and balance the mind, body and soul.

Ingredients: Bay Leaves, St.John’s Wort, Lavender, Linden Flowers, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Benzoin, Calendula.

Loose incense can be used in ritual, during a yin yoga practice, to cleanse yourself and your space, before meditation and during reflection. Loose incense can also be used to sprinkle on sacred fire or lit candle. This loose incense is a mix of herbs both homegrown, consciously harvested and locally sourced whenever possible. Only taking what I need and giving back to mother earth. Herbs are reiki-infused and crafted with meaningful intentions, love and care by me. Each container comes with a charcoal light which burns for up to an hour. Extra charcoal packets can be purchased on website. Place charcoal in a fire safe container and light all corners until it begins to spark and crackle. Then sprinkle incense on the charcoal and allow it to smoke. Charcoal will continue to burn until it’s complete (approximately 1 hour). Burning with windows open allows for proper ventilation and for any negative energies to be released from the space. Warning: Caution when handling hot charcoal, it can cause a burn. Never leave charcoal unattended, and keep out of reach from children. Burn in a well ventilated area. Discontinue use is you experience an allergic reaction.



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