Woven Wishes and Blessings


This is one of my more unique items I make. I like to calls these Woven Wishes and Blessing. 
In many cultures the act of weaving together fabrics, leaves, and bark, to name a few is a very sacred and meditative practice. Depending on which lineage and culture you connect with each piece has its own specific meaning and often has wishes and blessings woven into it. I have typically made these people who have sacred spaces or new homes and they wish to bless their space. But they can also be made to bless a new baby, a new marriage, or a new chapter in life.
Each fabric, string, ribbon, beads, crystals and herb have special meaning and purpose. With healing hands I weave wishes and blessings into this spiritual piece of art. Everything is infused with reiki, and charged. These can be placed in the space, or home lying flat or can be hung up.
Because these are so unique and specific to the owner, they are only made by special order. It involves us discussing the space and purpose of this woven wish so I can customize it to their specific needs and desires.
This is by far one of my other most loved and cherished magical practices. If you are interested in discussing this item send me an email at sacredwellnessarts@gmail.com

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