Reiki Healing Session

In an energy healing session, we focus on finding relaxation throughout the various bodies (emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual.) Reiki is a light touch energetic therapy. This modality helps calm the nervous system by bringing it back into the parasympathetic nervous system so that our body can release tension and find balance. Reiki is amazing for people with mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression or people who have chronic illness, chronic pain or sleep disturbances. This modality has shown to be exceptionally helpful for people with neurodiversity such as ADHD or autism. Reiki can also help when processing past trauma or grief and moving through difficult life changes. Each person’s experience as well as each session are completely unique to the client. When combining talk therapy I can understand the client’s needs and can tailor each session to support their healing journey. I combine reflexology, acupressure, light touch massage, aromatherapy as well as other healing tools in my reiki sessions.
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