Energy Work Healing Session

In an energy work healing session, we focus on finding relaxation throughout the various bodies (emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual) When we do this, we can begin to balance the chakras as as we open the energy fields to releasing blockages and healing imbalances. This helps to bring in healing energy to where it is needed in the body.

Each person’s experience as well as each session are completely unique to the client. I intuitively read the body to find places of unresolved trauma and energetic blockages. I use reiki healing energy and symbols as well as spiritual angelic symbols. Along side gentle energetic massage, I incorporate other various “tools” such as meditation techniques, breath work, crystals, aromatherapy, sage, singing bowls, tuning forks, yoga postures, drums, rattles, herbs, sacred smoke and oracle cards.

I follow the client’s lead and work with their comfort level. These sessions are meant to not only energetically asset clients in finding balance but also finding clarity and a deeper connection into their bodies and personal experience. I guide everyone to finding personal empowerment and offer tools that can be used for self heal while out of session. My job as a energetic healer is to show my clients that they have everything within themselves to heal, transform and create the life they desire.

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