Sacred Healing Arts

Sacred healing arts is handmade pieces of arts made with loving intentions. Each piece contain elements from nature which makes them all unique in their appearance, and meaning. Each piece is completely unique and made with parts of nature that I have consciously harvested myself. Only taking what I need and always giving back to mother earth. All the shells have only been collected when free of ANY and ALL living creatures. Each plant, flower, and shell as been collected and dried with loving intentions and a deep respect for the earth.

Nature has been such a huge part of my healing journey and I wanted to capture not only the beauty but the healing aspect that occur when you are immersed in nature. When you are on a beach with your toes in the sand and the sun on your face. Or when you find yourself hugging a tree in the deep forest with you feet planted in the mud. That comfort you feel, the unmeasurable intense reconnect to yourself and all that surrounds you. When you tap into the abundance of healing energy that is there to support you whenever you are in need. That what this art series represents and tries to capture. The true essence of natural beauty. Nothing is bleached or changed in anyway, it all stays in it’s natural form.

As an energy worker I am intentional with where my energy is moving. When doing this art work my hands are always charged with healing reiki energy.

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