Sacred Healing Essential

Homemade sacred essentials are holistic “tools” that you can use in your own spiritual or healing practices. Everything is made with loving intentions and is infused with reiki healing energy. I practice consciously harvesting meaning I only take what I need and I always give back to mother earth. Herbs have been grown myself, sourced as locally as I can or gathered from the wild. Everything I make I do with a deep respect for mother earth.

As an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person I have struggled over the years to learn how to find my balance between supporting the collective and releasing excess of negative energies that we as empaths can absorb. These healing essentials are all “tools” that has helped me in my daily practice to keep me balanced. This is why I am so passionate about sharing these products with you. To help support you and empower you to embrace and love the natural sensitive soul you are. Whether used for physical aches an pains, emotional support, chakra balancing or to enhance your spiritual connection more deeply, these tools are meant to help support you on your personal journey.

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