Self-care Practices to Support Mental Health


We have all gone through times in our life that have brought about periods of struggle. When we go through these moments it is good to have tools to be able to support ourselves as we navigate through some of these challenges. There can be many triggers such as depression, grief, stress, job loss, and illness that can end up throwing us in to feeling like we are stuck in a rut.

I have found seeing the body, mind and soul as a whole system is helpful when dealing with stress. I have cultivated many tools to help me during those difficult times and support my overall health on a day to day basis. These are some of my healing practice I do to help support mental health and wellness.

1) Find a physical activity like yoga, hiking, dancing, or biking, to name a few that can help you to move the stagnate, stressful energy out. Find whatever fills your soul and that enjoy and make time to incorporate it into your daily life. As you move that stressed energy out it creates space to invite in more of those “feel good” hormones. This will help to ground you while you find balance again.

2) Eat a well balanced diet full of lots of raw ” living” foods ( fruits/veggies and organic/local whenever possible) and lots of fluids. Enjoy preparing your meals with loving intentions, adding in herbs and spices to help support the nervous system. Enjoying herbal tea tonics can also help to soothe away any stress.

3) Massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, and energy work such as reiki or healing touch can promote balance and an overall feeling of wellness in the body and soul. Body and energy work can be helpful in releasing toxins and energies that build up in our systems due to stress. It helps relax the mind and body as you feel supported by the practitioner and their practice.

4) Spend time in nature whenever you can. Nature has an ABUNDANCE of healing energy waiting to be transfer to you if you are open and willing to receive. Hug a tree, go for a walk barefoot, sit in the sun, swimming in the lake, or dance with the waves. Do whatever brings you closer to the amazing healing energy the earth provides.

5) There are many supplements such as vitamins and minerals that can help to support your nervous system. Do your research and find a naturopath that can guide you in finding what would be best for you and your body.

6) Educate yourself on the benefits of using topical or internal therapies such as Epson salt baths, aromatherapy, homeopathic, herbs, vitamin therapy incorporating super foods, and tinctures in to your daily or weekly practices. I have used these throughout the years for various aliments and to help aid in stress release. Find what works best for you.

7)  Meditate and express gratitude daily. Spending time focusing your energy on all the things that bring joy can improve your mood, your outlook on life and lighten your soul. Taking time to just be still and at peace even if for only five mins a day can dramatically improve your moods.

8) Set realistic goals for yourself weekly and monthly. Whether it’s personal, fitness, or business do something that brings you happiness. Focusing on your goals can help you see and appreciate the growth that occurs over time.

9) Spend time with friends and family. Surround yourself with people that lift your spirits, support your dreams and validate your struggles.

10) Practice visualization, self talk, self work and affirmations. The power of positive words and thoughts can be life changing. Write positive affirmations and notes of self love on a sticky paper and place on your bathroom mirror. Every morning take time to connect to the power of those words.

12) Learn to love yourself even when you are not feeling your best. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have our seasons in life that bring about challenges. There is nothing ” wrong” with you and these feeling will pass as do the seasons.


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