What makes your heart sing?


What makes your soul sing?

What makes your soul sing? What fills you with so much joy that you can’t imagine being anywhere else but right in that moment? When you are so engulfed with inner peace, everything feels just as it should, perfect. This isn’t the high you feel when you buy a new shirt or a new vehicle. Or the excitement of going on a trip somewhere remote and tropical. This is a joy that is unexplainable. Being completely immersed in an activity that puts you into a place of active meditation. Finding what makes you feel so alive that you dance in delight is key to discovering a place of balance between the pressures of our everyday life and the peace that lives within us.

There are many activities I couldn’t imagine living without. Gardening, meditation, biking, and connecting with nature to name a few. But the most impactful daily practice that has changed my life has been yoga. I was introduced to yoga as a teenager and practiced on and off for those earlier years. Yoga became more consistent during the later years of my 20s and continuing on to my early 30s. Yoga has grounded and supported me through the most difficult times in my life. It also provided me with a beautiful blank canvas to write my own story and express myself freely. Yoga is an expression of my soul. As a painter speaking through their paintings, postures are an expression of where I am in that moment. Moving from one asana to the next, just as a painter moves their brush across the canvas, I follow the lines within myself, mixing in the vibrancy of creativity, love, peace, and spirituality. This daily practice brings me back to my truth. The moment I roll out my mat, all judgements leave me. My ego is silenced, and I go to a place inside myself of comfort, and familiarity. I know every movement as if it was as natural as my breath. Following alongside, the energy guides me and softens away any stress. I enter a place of active mediation. I am safe and secure. I am at home. A place where I can rejuvenate and energize or reflect and contemplate life’s challenges. It’s where I can laugh and at the same time feel safe to cry and release. This is the only place in this world I can naturally and authentically be myself.

What is your place of release? Is it expressing yourself through music as you let go of life’s stresses while you sing from your heart? Do you find comfort in connecting with nature by growing your own garden and watching with delight as your seedlings emerge into beautiful fruit bearing plants? Whatever it may be for you there is so much value in finding an activity that brings you true happiness and so much joy that all concepts of time are lost and a sense of tranquility takes over. We need to have those places of healthy escape. Somewhere that is for us alone. This is where we can allow ourselves to release all judgements, and accept ourselves for who we really are in that moment. Allow yourself time to discover what makes your soul sing. When you find it be sure to embrace the beauty that grows inside from enjoying something uniquely yours. That is the only place where freedom truly exists.


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